S1mple pulls off insane CS:GO AWP ace with ridiculous shots

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  S1mple is typically a beast on stream and on LAN, but his team’s latest outing during the BLAST Pro Series in Madrid didn’t pan out so well for the superstar.

  The team started the event with a brutal loss to eventual champions ENCE in a 16-4 effort, but soon followed it up with a convincing win against Cloud9 with a margin of 16-7. But other than a dominating win against sixth place Giants Gaming, the event wasn’t a strong point for the Na’Vi squad.

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  Even though he was able to get one of the weekend’s highlights with an amazing game-winning knife kill, Na’Vi couldn’t string enough strong performances ending up only in fourth place out of six contestants.

  While his team might struggle at times, s1mple has remained a bright star for his organization and at 21-years of age still has room to get even better